med1cal clown

A creative performance therapy for people with dementia, Altzheimer's, and memory issues.

Doctor Schmoctor is an experienced skilled Elder Clown, providing a creative therapy experience for people with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Every Doctor Schmoctor show brings a lively and engaging mix of clowning, magic, mime, juggling, music and dance, specially tailored to meet the abilities and needs of individuals with memory issues.

Through laughter, gentle slapstick, story sharing and object play, the good Doctor engages with each member of the audience, rather than performing at them.

The intention is to empower the participants to engage their imaginations and express positive emotions. With make-believe songbirds and circus animals, we awaken our well-being, creativity, and connection with each other.

Doctor Schmoctor provides an escape from routine, reassurance of worth, personalized social interaction, and opportunities for meaningful reminiscence.

For more information — or to book Doctor Schmoctor at your facility — call Dave today at 603-727-2050!

About Dave

Dave’s professional experience goes back to the 70’s as a young magician at local parties, events, and senior facilities. Later, he entertained the street crowds of Boston and New York with his unique combination of clown, mime and magic.

Long-term personal connections with friends and loved ones living with dementia have brought a deeper purpose to his performances, focusing on creating joy for each individual in the present moment.

Living in Lebanon NH, Dave assists his wife Betty, who is the dedicated care partner for her mom. Together, they actively embrace the Alzheimer’s journey, guided by habilitation with dignity.

Dave is certified in EssentiALZ training through the Alzheimer’s Association.

Frequently Asked Questions

Medical clowning is an arts-based approach to dementia care utilizing improvisation, humor and empathy, as well as expressive tools such as song, musical instruments, and dance to engage nursing home residents.

The medical clown practices an interdisciplinary therapeutic art using multiple skills (including humor, drama, music, and dance), all of which have a beneficial, therapeutic impact on patients.

An elder-clown is a professional performer who works with older people living in various residential care facilities, such as nursing homes, long-term care facilities, and closed dementia units. Elder clowns  use techniques such as telling jokes and stories, magic, music, and song, to help stimulate memory and cognitive functioning.

The primary aim of the elder clown visit is to engage with each resident on a personal level. The medical clown is a skilled improviser with the capacity to respond to the authentic, immediate need arising from any patient in any given situation.

Elder clowns also work with the health-care team. Before each shift they meet and interact with staff and receive notes about each resident’s psychosocial and medical condition. 

Studies suggest that elder clowning can reduce moderate to severe Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms in Dementia (BPSD) of nursing home residents with dementia.

Most shows run about 45 minutes to an hour, which includes Doctor Schmoctor greeting & welcoming every member of the audience at the start of the show, and sharing appreciation afterward.

Performances can always be customized to suit your individual needs.