Marketing is a One-to-One Experience.

Shanin Dockrey of Flagstaff, AZ, had done her homework. With years of studying Ayurveda—the 5,000 year-old healing system from India—she’d recognized the strong market growth in the US among alternative healthcare enthusiasts. She spent months developing a smooth, luxurious body milk which helps revitalize and rebalance the three doshas, or body types.

The demand for Ayurvedic products is on the rise, and the outlook is promising. Market growth is driven primarily by the yoga crowd. Think college-educated women, ages 25–55, who are interested in extending the health benefits of their yoga practice into broader areas of their lives. Ayurveda shares its origins in ancient Indian wisdom. Yoga is in itself a powerful crossover story into mainstream culture; now a $27 billion industry, yoga has grown 87% in the past 5 years, with 16 million US practitioners.

Launching a great product without a solid brand is like growing a tree without roots. The brand brings life, context and relevance to its product, and provides a stable structure to grow on. Shanin envisioned a brand which melds Ayurvedic roots and Chanel-inspired elegance. We worked together to develop branding and guidelines, as well as packaging, collateral sales materials, and an ecommerce website. Ayurvedik Body Milks are now available online and in finer spas throughout the Southwest.

We developed an engagement process, which extends from point-of purchase to social media, where women can identify and share their individual dosha —vata, pitta, or kapha—and their own corresponding personality characteristics.

From brand positioning to product marketing to customer service, when you treat people as unique individuals, they respond with enthusiasm, engagement, and loyalty.

And when you work with a marketing partner who understands this basic fact, you’re likely to find the process is as rewarding as the result. Contact Dave today or call 603.727.2050.

The brand brings life, context and relevance to its product, and provides a stable structure to grow on.
"The marketing professionals, potential customers, and Ayurvedic practitioners I bring this to are all consistent: The brand and presentation of this is incredible. A tremendous success."
— Shanin Dockrey, Owner
Ayurvedik by shaninrenee