How Changing Your Goals Changes Your Customers

Back in the day, when we first started consulting with the team at Overland Sheepskin, one belief widely shared by management was the adage that “nobody buys coats on the internet.” Innate biases always limit our own performance. For a click-and-mortar establishment, the expectation that only retail stores would move the bigger-ticket items had relegated their online efforts to sub-par performance, selling lower-margined footwear and accessories.

So, as we busied ourselves with strategies to scale their online footwear business, we also developed a new approach to market high-end luxury outerwear online. We analyzed historic sales against the house file, and sent new, redesigned catalogs to qualified customers & prospects. We gave greater visibility and romance to luxury shearling coats for men and women, while promoting the strong existing customer service offerings and refreshed product presentations.

The results? Within three seasons, online revenue tripled, as outerwear sales for the ecommerce department jumped from 14th place (lowest in the company) to second-highest. Nor were these additional sales cannibalized from the retail stores: overall company revenue increased 26% over the same period, driven in large part by increased web volume.

We had to change our expectations of how our customers might respond. Only then could we work to help make their new behavior a reality.

Imagine what a fresh perspective can bring to your marketing efforts. Reach out to Dave and schedule a discussion. It may change the way you think about your business.

We developed a new approach to market high-end luxury outerwear online. Within three seasons, online revenue tripled.
"As Marketing and eCommerce Director for a thriving retail website, Dave possesses an uncanny ability to oversee a mind-boggling number of details."
–Christine Schrum,
Content Manager