Gain a Better View of Your Users.

The term user experience, often used in the limited context of app design, is a vital component in every piece of marketing communications.

The basic prinicples which apply to apps and websites — usability, accessibility and emotional response — apply equally to offline media, including video and print.

As technology shifts, we develop new models of understanding user behavior. Personas, analytics, and rapid feedback loops have all helped radically shift the way we look at how people interact with brands.

Once we start looking at 'traditional' media through the lens of modern UX, we find a deeper understanding of users' needs. Integrating data across multiple channels sets the stage for greater insights, leading to more meaningful and actionable management.

With a broad-based skill set ranging from book and catalog design to cross-channel data integration, we can help you realize gains in from a multi-media strategy. Contact Dave today to talk about how.