Creating Happy Customers? You Can Plan on It.

A marketing plan should help answer the important questions.

Like how to connect your products with the right people? What’s the relationship between a branded experience and brand engagement? And how can you differentiate your service in a way that really matters to your market?

Questions like these are at the core of what we do. We’re focused on developing effective solutions to marketing challenges faced by people like you. We design marketing strategies (and more) that help people help their customers.

Emerging and established businesses come to us for cost-effective market research techniques; they gain actionable insights into new market validations, growth opportunities, and competitive strategies.

Our work is inspired by the proven framework of the Customer Journey, a consumer-focused approach which maps users’ goals and expectations to relevant marketing media, messaging, and tactics. Simply put, we aim to sync the sales process with your customers’ needs. This improves conversion rates and reduces customer acquisition costs.

We work with businesses and entrepreneurs from around the Vermont/New Hampshire region—and across the nation—helping our clients integrate their marketing efforts, improve engagement, and realize better results.

Learn more about how we can help. Get in touch or call Dave direct at 603.727.2050 and let’s start a conversation.

"Planning for change has changed how we plan."