Tim Clue, Motivational Speaker, Takes the Lead

Standing somewhere between funny and inspiring, you’ll find Tim Clue— the acclaimed motivational speaker, former educator and comic who keeps audiences from CA to the UK learning and laughing.

Over the years, our work with Tim has included site design and management, SEO, and email marketing. But the keystone of this relationship has been our work in lead generation: we’ve helped grow Tim’s business using Google Adwords search campaigns since 2014.

With a range of highly targeted ads matched to compelling landing pages, Tim’s business has grown substantially in the past three years. Leveraging powerful video content (which highlights Tim’s hilarious interactive performances) and mobile-friendly CTAs, we’ve helped build a profitable and sustainable source of new business.

Businesses that rely on converting leads to customers need a diverse range of strategies that fit within the brand, and are relevant to their prospects. It’s our ability to assess, develop and effectively manage lead-gen programs that keeps our clients busy and happy.

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We’ve helped grow Tim’s business using Google Adwords search campaigns since 2014.
"ROI in spades—tangible, actionable, trackable results. Who ever thought?"
— Kathryn Lake Clue,
Marketing Manager

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