Ecommerce requires balance. And that’s our strength.

Building a successful ecommerce site requires an intricate awareness of user experience on the front end, and reliable, workable integrations for the admins in the back end. Without ensuring that both are aligned and in tune, any efforts to create sustainable online sales will tilt toward trouble. A well-balanced site provides a stable platform for business growth.

Facing the consumer, the first order of business is a range of products or services that are right for the marketplace. Simply put, they solve a perceived problem for a defined audience.

Our job is to create an online experience that’s aligned with the user’s intentions and expectations. We ensure that relevant information is structured and exposed in a way that facilitates data distribution to a wide field of potential partners: search engines, analytics software, potential visitors, social media, bloggers, shopping portals, and ad networks all benefit from programmatically exchanging data on the fly.

When also pay attention to the site managers and staff—users with their own sets of specific needs and goals, like managing inventory, processing orders, and implementing marketing tactics. Success relies on their working effectively within the back end.

For many small businesses, WooCommerce offers professional functionality at an unmatched price. We design and develop robust sites using Woo and Wordpress that are fully branded, individually customized and easy to maintain.

For businesses with more specific needs, we offer highly customized ecommerce site development built on the BigCommerce platform. Their fully bundled SaaS model can allow for a quicker launch schedule, with more granular data reporting and a highly optimized back end designed expressly for creating and managing inventory.

And, there's a Shopify solution for organizations of every size. This highly-configurable platform can be customized address just about any need. We help merchants launch, customize and optimize Shopify sites to improve user experience, site performance, and conversion rates.

Our proven experience in online sales includes sporting goods, soft goods, luggage, outerwear, footwear, food and beverages, collectibles, custom furnishings and more. Whether you’re launching a new venture or looking to improve your current site, investing in a ten-minute call now can result in a store that’s more functional, responsive, and profitable.

Contact Dave or call 603.727.2050 today. And let's get growing!

A well-balanced site provides a stable platform for business growth.