Glens Falls Hospital: Managing Change in Community Healthcare

What’s the most important message you need to get out there?

Answering that one question is in itself is a huge accomplishment. But it’s not enough. In addition to defining the message, you also need to ensure it’s told in a compelling fashion. That it’s memorable. That you’re able to deliver it to your target audience efficiently. And, of course, it has to produce results.

When Glens Falls Hospital needed to grow its online medical portal usage to meet federal guidelines, we worked with their agency to conceive and art direct a series of point-of-contact posters, designed to reach busy parents and caregivers with information about how the new portal could speed their access to important medical information.

And when the Hospital decided to drive additional volume to its most profitable service centers, we developed concepts and directed the local TV spots, promoting orthopedic services and robotic surgery.

Meanwhile, ongoing print campaigns delivered information via regional publications about locally-based clinical services, quality of medical staff, and GFH’s ongoing commitment to community health.

Certainly, there’s a lot that goes into driving an organization through a financial turnaround. GFH went from losing $1.6 million from 2009-12 to becoming a profitable institution in 2013. One key element: working with a team that delivers memorable and actionable messaging.

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There’s a lot that goes into driving an organization through a financial turnaround.