Understanding the Market, Hand-Crafting the Brand.

US specialty coffee sales have been on the rise ever since 2001, and last year saw a whopping 25% growth in demand. In fact, we’re now more drinking specialty coffees than the traditionally brewed standard cups.1

And it may come as no surprise that the fastest growing segments in this hot market are Gen Y and Millennials, comprising over 44% of sales.2 Providing an authentic, high-quality customer experience is essential to gaining a foothold in this fast-moving space.

Vermont entrepreneur Bill Burnett saw the potential for servicing a niche within this niche. Bill knew that in-home espresso machine sales have experienced steady growth. He also knew that most online specialty roasters offered only one or two varieties of espresso beans. The opportunity: an artisanal coffee producer that specializes in high-quality coffees roasted specifically for espresso drinkers.

The beans would be sourced from top producing regions worldwide, roasted to custom specifications so that they can withstand the intense heat and pressure that occurs within an espresso machine. Every order could shipped within 48 hours of roasting to ensure freshness; consistent quality is assured by hand-roasting in small batches.

Building the brand to support this venture required us to solve a number of issues:

  • The personality for the brand needed to align with its services and market needs within a broad range of contexts.
  • Since packaging design is such a critical component in online coffee sales, the bags needed to present the brand (and its individual coffee flavors) in a compelling fashion.
  • Each blend of roasted beans would require its own unique identity — an easily identifiable representation of the source and character of the final cup — to be used on the bag labels and website.
  • Given the timing requirements for launch, the package design, blend labels, and ecommerce site would need to be developed more or less concurrently.

We worked closely with Bill to develop logo designs and brand usage guidelines. Packaging was produced just in time to photograph for the website, with various blend labels composited into place once the products were fully developed and tested. We built the site with Wordpress and WooCommerce, speeding up development and keeping costs within budget.

EspressoLuv.com offers over a dozen custom blends of hand-roasted espresso blends, custom roasted single-origin roasts, and select goods that enhance the experience of enjoying a fine cup of espresso at home.

Our experience solving complex problems across multiple interrelated components played a huge role in launching this brand. If you’re looking at a multifaceted marketing opportunity, find out how we can help smooth the process and deliver solutions that work for you.

Call Dave at 603 727-2050 or send a note. We’ll be happy to get together and discuss how to make good things happen on time and on budget.

And yes, the coffee’s on us.


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The brand is more than just a graphic look, it needs to reflect the personality and essence of the company and its products.