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Ready, Steady, Shoot!

Documentary filmmaker Roger Sherman co-founded Florentine Films with Ken Burns way back in the early 1980s, and since then has gone on to direct, produce and shoot a wealth of award-winning documentaries.

And along the way, he’s seen more than his fair share of amateur videos that were, well, hard to sit through — regardless of the good intentions of the people who shot the footage.

Now he’s sharing his wisdom and experience in a way that can help anyone shoot better home video. The director and cinematographer has just published his first book, Ready Steady Shoot: The Guide to Great Home Video.

This little book is packed with easy tips and techniques that make home video more fun to make and to watch. Unlike the other home video titles, Ready Steady Shoot doesn’t dwell on technical aspects like which camera to use; instead, it’s all about how to approach your subject and put together a series of visually interesting shots that tell a whole story.

The new web site, ReadySteadyShoot.com, offers an introduction to Roger’s techniques featuring “Ten-Shot” video samples and “How-To” blog posts, along with a basic Paypal option for buying the book. We’ve also helped position and market the title via a Facebook Page, using Facebook Ads and a custom landing page to identify and build an online community quickly. You can also buy the book directly on Facebook: we set up a simple Payvment storefront that lets users make a secure and easy purchase within the familiar context of the FB page.

And there’s more to come. The new site went from discussion to deployment in just a month; now that it’s live we’re moving on to redesign FlorentineFilms.com

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