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Goddard College: Redesigned and Relaunched

Goddard College is a pioneer in developing methods, tools and techniques that empower people from all walks of life access to a challenging and academically rigorous college program. Now the Vermont college has a new website to help it carry its tradition into the future.

Pioneers in Progressive Education

Founded as a reaction to European fascism in 1938, Goddard holds a prestigious history of academic leadership: the first American college to offer adult-degree programs, first to develop a low-residency model for higher education, and first to offer residential programs for single parents receiving public assistance. Their tradition of improving access to higher education and commitment to liberal values runs wide and deep.

Goddard Sidebar

Goddard.edu delivers customized dynamic content for every academic program

The school’s commitment to low-residency learning — where students congregate on campus for two weeks out of each semester — means that a vibrant, robust and scalable website is mission-critical to its success. While their legacy site was able to provide information on graduate and undergrad degree programs, the college was largely unable to modify its own content, create or customize landing pages, or integrate multimedia content.

Empowering the College and its Community

We were honored to be selected to redesign and develop on the new site. Working in partnership with the good people at KSE Partners in Montpelier, we designed and developed a brand new site for the college which launched this month.

We rebuilt Goddard.edu on the Drupal 7 open source platform. In the world of higher education, Drupal is the veritable standard for COntent Management Systems: a highly customizable and cost effective choice for managing substantial amounts of structured content.

The new site features more information related to each degree program, with links to relevant faculty bios, blogs, student videos, alumni connections and related campus events.

A dynamic new home page offers video, community profiles and events, testimonials and news highlights; every page provides customized related content, designed to enhance the user experience and broaden their access to the wealth of available information.

Keeping this amount of information organized and up to date is no small task. That’s why we included a system in the admin area for authors & editors to create, review, revise and publish new content to the site with complete control over each step of the process. College staffers now work cooperatively to manage, curate and embrace a growing online community of faculty, students, trustees and other stakeholders.

Goddard’s educational philosophy holds that “experience and education are intricately linked.” Our work to build a new platform that integrates diverse people, information and media into a cohesive web-centric educational model is a major step in bringing this belief to life.

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