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Documentarian, Filmmaker, Cinematographer, Photographer, Published Author. Roger Sherman’s curriculum vitae is as varied as it is prestigious. His film work has been honored with an Emmy, a Peabody, and two Oscar nominations; his photos have been published in Town & Country, Newsweek, and Saveur.

Roger co-founded Florentine Films with Ken Burns back in their college days. We recently redesigned and relaunched the professional site for his Manhattan-based production company, building out new content to highlight his films, videos, reviews, and photography in a series of interactive portfolios.

The new site features in-depth information on over a dozen films, video clips, stock photo galleries and links to his newly published consumer-friendly how-to book, Ready Steady Shoot: The Guide to Shooting Great Home Video. (And yes, the design consistency between the two sites is no accident — we developed a single theme for both sites and customized each to highlight the key selling points.)

We built both sites in WordPress, leveraging existing digital content (and the client’s penchant for dark backgrounds), while creating a more lively and elegant interface. We also created a custom Facebook landing page for the video book, and launched an ad campaign on the social media site to build buzz.

Roger’s response? “You’ve been great to work with. And talk about professional!”

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