The Brand, Hand-Crafted.

I’d consulted with Bill Burnett a couple years earlier, when he was researching market potential for a new venture in emergency supplies. When he ultimately decided against that investment, that it just didn’t feel like the right match for him, I was impressed. Here was a guy who did his homework, had a string of successful ventures to show for it, and was willing to wait for the right opportunity.

So when he called to tell me about his new idea, I could tell from the spark in his voice that he’d finally found his new calling. He went on to describe how he fell in love with espresso during his travels, the current strengths and weaknesses of the specialty coffee market, and the as-yet-unmet opportunity in the hand-roasted specialty niche.

Bill had researched available domains, and was pumped as he told me the new name, “ You know, spelled l-u-v. What do you think?”

So, given a domain that combines an embedded high-value keyword with a slightly tongue-in-cheek 70s retro vibe, the goal became how to embody these elements in a way that’s visually unique and accessible to the target audience.

But the brand is more than just a graphic look, it needs to reflect the personality and essence of the company and its products. EspressoLuv sells more than just bags of beans. This is a place that offers access to the sensual qualities—fragrances, aromas, tastes—which come from the small yet meaningful rituals involved in brewing and savoring a well-made espresso.

Our design and branding guidelines set out to support the deeper nature of the brand, not only through its color palette and graphic library, but also by helping define a consistent voice, user experience, and commitment to customer service. This brand uses its packaging, website and collateral to reinforce its promise.

Hand-made in Vermont with luv.

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"The brand is more than just a graphic look, it needs to reflect the personality and essence of the company and its products."

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