Design meets marketing. Positive results ensue.

Form vs function.
Beautiful vs effective.
Thinking vs doing.
Listening vs helping.

Not too long ago, the creative and the practical were separated by artificial borders that loomed large over the field of communication.

Today, you're more likely to find that a silo-based approach is what gets in the way between marketers and their goals.

Now that markets are fragmenting faster than ever, and prospective customers are deciding when, where, and how to find new information that's most meaningful for their needs, the separation between design and marketing continues to dissolve.

We specialize in helping people bridge that gap, integrate their marketing, improve brand engagement, and realize better results.


New work

The latest TV spot for Glens Falls Hospital's Orthopedic Services is now airing. Working with cinematographer Corey Hendrickson, we captured all the action in one smooth tracking shot.

Work In Progress

A collaboration with Hildene, the historic Lincoln family residence in Manchester VT, on the second edition of Four Marys and a Jessie, CJ King's biography of the Lincoln women.



IFeels good to be relocating to the village of Hartland, Vermont, and getting to know folks in the Upper Valley. Drop a line to Dave [at] Davelindberg [dot] com or call if you're in the neighborhood — the coffee's on me.


Along with users' expectations, the standards for effective web design are evolving faster than ever.

User experiences are now directly related to your success. And even though creating a beautiful, engaging and functional website is now more or less within anyone's reach, getting it right can be a long shot if your team is lacking the proper skills and tools.

No matter how simple or how complex -- when your site needs to deliver the goods, we can work with you at every step, to ensure your web presence meets your marketing goals.

From project planning, data architecture, site maps & wireframes through final design, QA and deployment, we provide service you can count on.

And if you're selling online, we can help your business get to the next level. With years of experience managing ecommerce sites of all sizes, we know what it takes to boost traffic, improve conversions, and increase sales.

Start today. Get in touch. We'll take the time to understand your brand, goals, and budget, and bring together a plan that works for all three.



Get Your Message Out In Front.

Creating a great brand experience takes more than a web site. You need to be able to put your message in front of the right person, at the right time and place. Integrated campaigns deliver a consistent message, effectively targeted across multiple media.

We support online marketing programs with high quality email, print, and direct mail that all work together to drive demand and raise revenue.

Overland Sheepskin Company

Cross channel catalog-driven ecommerce.

See the work


New catalog launched, website redefined.

See the work

Now that You're Here, Get a Better Look.

We work with companies of all shapes and sizes to help them spread their message. Startups who need a meaningful brand identity. Established businesses promoting new products or services. Organizations that want to reach out to their community and stakeholders.

What's consistent is our goal: to produce visually fresh, relevant and meaningful work for every client.

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00:30 "Keep On Moving"

Client: Glens Falls Hospital

Good Design is Good Marketing. And Vice Versa.

A well designed campaign does more than just look good.

To be successful, all the pieces — search engine optimization, paid search, branding, usability, analytics, and more — have to work. Together.

Our expertise in online marketing extends across a wide range of integrated services that can help boost your search rankings, drive targeted traffic, increase user engagement and improve conversion rates.

See What happens when we work together.

We get happy when we're helping smart people reach their goals. We lean into change, and enjoy sharing the energy & knowledge along the way.

Find out how we can make your brand or next project shine. Call Dave at 802.282-3368. You'll receive a positive response.

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