Design meets marketing. Positive results ensue.

Form and function. Thinking and acting. Seeing and doing. Listening and helping.

Does one make the other possible, or are they two aspects of the same process?

Whatever lines may have existed between the creative and the practical have now become blurry. The edges are softer. As markets are fragmenting faster than ever before, as prospective customers decide how, when, and where to look for new information, as more designers are usng code to create new work, and as your users' experiences are directly related to your organization’s success — the separation between design and marketing continues to dissolve.

And I’m good with that.



I'm currently working at Fingerpaint, which means I'm busy collaborating with great teams, creating marketing and media across online, print and video for clients in pharma and healthcare.



Some of my spare time is devoted to some very special smaller clients who need personalized design and marketing services. Ecommerce is a specialty.


Lately I've been coordinating a new dharma study group here in Saratoga Springs, the Northshire Buddhist Reading Group.

Less is More. Same goes for SASS, HTML5, Ruby and Javascript.

As the standards for effective web design are evolving faster than ever, keeping up to date with the tools and techniques that promote a positive user experience is more important than ever.

Site work varies widely, ranging from a simple interface refresh to more complex comprehensive overhauls including taxonomy, advanced search engine optimization, third-party integrations and conversion mapping.

Usabiity testing, project planning, QA processes and iterative enhancements — my experience working with complex sites includes ecommerce site manangement and design, data architecture, analytics and conversion optimaization.

The results? Better work — through an agile design workflow and improved communication across the team.



Building Brands: multichannel, multiple media, one message.

I've been fortunate to help some great people promote top-quality products — and build brand equity — all at the same time. Here are just a couple.

Overland Sheepskin Company

Cross channel catalog-driven ecommerce.

See the work


New catalog launched, website redefined.

See the work

"Good design is good business."

— Thomas J. Watson

A few recent projects, along with some personal favorites: ads, logos, print, video, publications.

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00:30 "Minimally Invasive"

Client: Glens Falls Hospital

Good Design is Good Marketing.

And vice versa. Branding, usability, analytics, search engine optimization, paid search, data integration — for your marketing to succeed, all the pieces gotta work. Together.

With deep experience in ecommerce marketing and catalog/direct response, my view of effective communications includes the importance of data analysis, user experience, and on-schedule project management.

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My deep experience in consumer direct, catalog, ecommerce, health care and active lifestyle marketing is matched with the ability to deliver successful marketing results across print, online and broadcast. To find out how I can help your brand or next project shine, just get in touch: